A dream framed by the beauty of the Alps. About 350 kilometers distance and 8,000 meters of climbing on the most beautiful trails and roads of Tyrol with start and finish at Achensee. You are going to ride "self supported". That means, all little and big challenges on the way, you have to manage independently and on your own.


Unsupported gravel / mtb bikepacking challenge /// 350km X 8.000m from the Fjord of Tirol, Achensee, looping over remote and scenic parts of the alps on gravel and secondary roads.


By chance, while browsing the internet, we came across the bike packing scene and spontaneously signed up for the Seven Serpents Gravel 2022. Without any expectations or experience in this field, we set out and mastered what was probably the greatest and most unifying challenge we could have ever imagined. Combined with the experience of a new area and the togetherness we had discovered a new common passion, which we not only want to give back in the form of a sense of community, but also to bring you closer to one of the most beautiful areas in the world, our home.


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