What does “set route” mean?

You must follow the track we provide. If at some point the way is blocked by something unexpected (e.g. roadworks, landfalls, trees on the path etc.) you can leave the track but you’ll have to rejoin it as soon as possible.


It’s easy to find water, food or accomodations?

In general its easy to find ressuply and places to spend a night. Please keep in mind that accomodations might be full. Also mind about the opening hours of shops - we are in Tyrol where shops might be closed earlier than they are used to be in other places. There are a few stretches where you wont find anything to resupply - please keep that in mind. We will mark this stretches 1st of September in the Alptraum Bike Challenge Komoot collection.


What kind of tires do I need?

This is a very common question but unfortunately we don’t have the correct answer. The route has a mixed type of surfaces where we suggest you to use at least 40 mm tyres.


What if I have mechanical problems?

Try to fix them yourself. Don’t forget to bring tools and all the necessary. If it’s a major mechanical problem try to find a bicycle shop that can fix it for you.


Can I have a drop bag at the finish line?

Yes, you can drop a bag, which you will get back at the start/finish line


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